For the Horse

Trot2 is one of the foremost horse suppliers in the UK, providing an excellent collection of equestrian products including horsecare accessories, horse rugs, saddlery and much more. Shop with us now for the best products from a host of famous brands.

Order horse bits and saddlery online now

Take a look at our comprehensive selection of saddlery, such as stirrups, reigns, numnahs and pads, martingales, breastplates and a lot more besides. We pride ourselves on finding the best horse riding products, from brands such as Ascot, Caldene and Cottage Craft. You'll find a great choice to suit all budgets at our online store.

Caldene equine leatherwork combines quality and ethics. The brand's bridlework is made from the best in vegetable tanned leather, a process that helps to reduce any environmental damage from processing and finishing. Instead of noxious chemicals that can harm the environment, Caldene leather bridalwork uses natural oak and chestnut bark, which gives a rich, natural tone without producing harmful waste. Another benefit of vegetable tanned leather is that it's non-allergenic, and ideal for horses that suffer from irritations while wearing bridles.

Our online equestrian store also has a wide range of snaffles, gags, bits, kimblewicks and pelhams. Among this great range is Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal Bit, which has been designed to offer excellent all round functionality. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Neue Schule Tranz, you can control the horse without causing distress. The result is faster responsiveness and greater compliance.

Horsecare products at Trot2

You'll find an impressive selection of horsecare products to maintain and improve the general condition of your horse. Among our equestrian care range is a huge range of supplements for the horse's health. We have horse supplements for all areas of your horse's wellbeing, including respiratory, blood, development, hoofcare and behavioural supplements.

We have equine calming supplements to cater for all circumstances. Many horses can be spooked by different things in their life, from a change of environment to a new groom. Transportation or the first brush of spring can also affect a horse's behaviour. Sometimes horse calmers are necessary to get the animal back on an even keel. You'll find a broad choice of these, and other horse supplements at our online store now.